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Managing Your Strategic Accounts StrategicallyManaging Your Strategic Accounts Strategically: An Enterprise Solution
By By Peter Mathias, President and CEO, Mathias and Co. and Paris De l’Etraz, President,MCMS, Inc.

Your strategy is not what you say it is – it is what your customers pay you for.

Over the past two decades, large corporations have restructured themselves to deliver significantly higher returns to their shareholders. They have grown their revenues substantially faster than their total costs to deliver these rising returns. This has been accomplished by managing the largest component of their costs – their purchases of products and services – much more rigorously. Recent changes in the technology of Supply Chain Management have accelerated these trends towards building strategic relationships with core suppliers of both products and services that are then integrated into their own value proposition to their customers.

This article examines why, with the greater levels of transparency and efficiency associated with the Internet, your Key Account Management program becomes your strategy and certain clients must be managed strategically.

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