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The Collective CRM Wisdom of Wholesale Banks

The lessons learned by wholesale banks from their experiences with CRM technology over the past 5 years can be summarised as follows:

  • Although different business areas in the bank share a common requirement for universal CRM functions (contact management, call reporting, pipeline reporting, etc.), there is considerable and significant variance around their product specific CRM requirements.
  • There is no 'one-size' fits all CRM solution; in fact, just as there is no 'average client' for a bank, 'one-size' CRM technology often doesn't exactly fit any business area within the bank at all.
  • Consequently, each of the businesses within a Wholesale Bank has very different CRM technology needs - particularly around deal management and idea generation/solutions development.
  • It is unrealistic to expect one 'off the shelf' product to effectively deliver on the entire client strategy of any banks with business operations that span diverse client segments, products, and origination, sales and distribution sales activities.
  • The challenge is to design a client management program and supporting technology that is flexible, low cost and directly linked to the client strategy - a program that can evolve as your client strategy evolves.

The 3 levels of CRM provides a framework to prioritise CRM requirements over time and across product groups.