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eLearning & Coaching Module

Our experience over the past 18 years of implementing client management programs for banks and global service institutions has taught us that although client management technology is essential to provide visibility, tracking and scalability of the client management workflows - the technology functionality is not the critical factor that drives high user adoption. Instead it is the degree to which senior coverage professionals are motivated to use the system because they see that using it positively impacts their work with clients.

Unlike any other packaged CRM application we have seen, mathaisClientAdvisor comes with an eLearning module that supports the Mathias methodology and is written specifically for banks and professional services firms that can be tailored to your organization's requirements during deployment.

The eLearning module comprises:

  1. Client Management Policies
  2. Client Management Procedures
  3. Online Coaching Functionality (coaching by Mathias charged separately)
  4. Glossary of Terms
  5. Online Help
  6. Training Modules