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Business Benefits

The key business benefits of the MCA program are listed below, grouped by the three pre-requisites of a successful client management technology.


  • Planning is integrated with coverage - the APS format is an analytical framework focused around client motivations and intentions which increases the quality of the dialogue with the client during the coverage process.
  • Measures quality of coverage (e.g. value and replication rates of new ideas, multi-product solutions).
  • Extensive use of reference data enables individual client plans to be aggregated to show lead indicators of revenue across the entire client portfolio.


  • Structured APS format enables plans to be created incrementally by one banker or as an aggregation of individual product plans created by different product specialists. Furthermore, these individual plans remain relevant to each product group; - increasing participation by product specialists in enterprise selling initiatives.
  • Selling milestones can be linked to client strategy enabling strategic selling to be differentiated from opportunistic selling.
  • Knowledge aggregation and distribution - sector ideas are 'pushed' into individual client plans for validation by the client team and subsequent presentation to the client.
  • Speed and consistency with which 'big' ideas are sold to all clients in the sector can be tracked.


  • Level III Smart CRM functions are integrated into the bank's Level I and level II functions of its existing CRM implementation; leveraging the value of day to day CRM use.
  • Short format means plans can be created in hours not weeks and updated in minute enabling higher coverage ratios and faster response times.
  • Works the way bankers work - the user interface and information is organized to support best practice client coverage workflows.