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Why Client Management Programs Fail

Client management programs fail because key issues in one or more of five failure factors are not addressed.  The diagram below summarises common causes of failure.  The questions relating to each factor enable you to assess how well your client management program has been designed for success.


One Size Coverage Model

  • Are client coverage investments aligned with the current and potential value of the client?
  • Are the right people involved at the right time?
  • Is duplicated or low value coverage eliminated?

Low Quality Coverage Workflows

  • Does the bank understand what clients perceive as high quality coverage?
  • Have you asked your clients what coverage activity currently provided has low, zero or negative value to them?
  • Are the bank's client coverage processes consistent with creating high quality coverage?
  • Are metrics which indicate coverage quality available and acted upon?

Planning and Coverage Not Integrated

  • Are the plans relevant to the coverage process (i.e. are they reviewed & updated before & after important client calls)?
  • Can the common planning framework be customized for use in Corporate Banking, Transaction Banking and Markets?
  • Can sales activity be linked to client strategy and is opportunistic selling identified as such?

Inappropriate Technology

  • Does the client plan format leverage database efficiencies (i.e. can individual plans be aggregated into meaningful pictures of opportunity and resource requirements)?
  • Does technology help to link up previously isolated pools of client information within the bank?
  • Does it save time by automating routine tasks?
  • Is the way information is presented to the user helpful for generating insight and ideas about problems the client faces?
  • To what degree are differences between 'top-down' and 'bottom up' planning ideas highlighted and reconciled?

Weak Sponsorship

  • Is the business rationale for client management credible to coverage staff?
  • Does the planning format add value for individual bankers involved in origination as well as sales & distribution coverage activities?
  • Does the sponsor have easily accessible information about the quality of individual participation in the program?