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Global Wholesale Bank III
Strategic planning for the top 250 client relationships

Global Wholesale Bank III
Client Global Wholesale Bank III
Sector Transaction Banking
Solution Strategic Account Planning Project


In 2004, a major global bank engaged Mathias and Co to effect a shift in the mindset of its sales force with regards to Strategic Account Planning by introducing a workflow based process reflecting best practises and encouraging best behaviours.


The solution comprised the following elements:
  • Account Planning Workshops - Actual client case supported introduction to the methodology to kick start the account planning process

  • 'To be' workflows - Mathias and Co Workflows customised to fit the needs of the client in order standardize and institutionalize the high impact activities in building client relationships while improving the productivity of the front-line sales force

  • Validation Workshops - to validate the 'to be' workflows with a representative sample of transaction bank executives

  • Software Prototype - Intelligent arrangement of information and functionality that support each of the workflows - thus increasing user buy in and reducing system training requirements


The Bank Sponsor was delighted with the results of the program as they:
  • Reinforced best practice and the proven methodology of the top performers

  • Articulated the functional requirements of the 'to be' process

  • Ensured 'user buy in' through a combination of software prototyping and business led workshops

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