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John Keller
John Keller
Senior Partner

John has an MBA from Harvard and nearly 20 years experience in the consulting and banking industries. At Citibank, he served as director of Strategic Planning for the bank’s Emerging Markets franchise, as Latin America Marketing Director and as planning manager for Global Transaction Services.

Representative Mathias and Co. assignments include -

Client Management - Worked to develop and implement an integrated management process for worldwide client franchises of major Financial and Professional Service institutions.

Product Management - Worked to develop and implement a comprehensive process for the management of product and solution businesses for Financial and Professional Service institutions.

Local Franchise Positioning - Worked with line and country management of global financial institutions to align local client and product propositions with global institutional objectives in over 30 countries across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, the Indian Subcontinent and the Middle East.

Knowledge Aggregation and Distribution in Service Firms - Worked to develop and implement a management and service model to assist a leading professional services firm in the creation and replication of innovative solutions across one of the world’s premier institutional client bases.

Acquisition Integration - Work with management to integrate geographically and culturally diverse business units with divergent management focuses into coherent organizations following mergers or acquisitions.

Training - John has trained hundreds of professionals in Client and Product management disciplines through workshops and related programs worldwide.