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Managing Client Relationships

Client Strategy

Mathias Client Relationship Methodology

Mathias Client Advisor
Managing Client Relationships
"If you don’t manage your client relationships, then your clients will manage them for you."

Peter Mathias

Program Benefits

Focuses all parts of the organization on client needs.
Breaks down organizational silos by enhancing collaboration among the different parts of the business(e.g. Sales, Product, and Service).
Introduces transparency and accountability to all parts of the firm.
Forces the firm to be brutally honest about what it is doing, as well as where and how it can actually succeed.
Improves the quality of coverage.
Accelerates the process of change within an organization by shifting the focus away from 'internal politics' to client needs and profitability.

Mathias and Co. works with banks and professional service firms to transform the way they manage their strategic client relationships.

Each program is tailored to the size, product set, stage of evolution and ambition of the firm.

However, most of our programs comprise the following three components:

Client Strategy
Validating that the firm's market proposition is aligned with its capital, capabilities and, most importantly, its clients' requirements.

Client Relationship Methodology
Embedding within the firm a practical methodology for optimising the long-term profitability of the firm's strategic relationships.

Selecting, customizing and implementing appropriate technologies to scale the program, to increase sales-force productivity and to institutionalize client management processes as a competency in the firm.