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The CEO's Challenge

The Skills Your Company Must Have

The Manager's Handbook

Building Market Leadership During Tough Times
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  • How should my company build its strategic customer portfolio and decide which are the right, long term clients that will drive its revenue and margin growth for years to come?
  • What impact is my company's strategic customer portfolio having on its valuation by the Market? What impact can it have?
  • What should my company do if it turns out that we have the wrong customer portfolio, in other words, if we have strong relationships with customers that do not offer us attractive, long-term prospects?

These are just a few of the key issues relating to how a company's client portfolio impacts its business strategy. As such, these are the issues that our clients look to us to help them resolve.

A defining characteristic of our work is that it is targeted at the people who actually cover clients on a daily basis and who have the responsibility of developing and implementing client strategies. This work has taken us into industries ranging from Accounting, Law and Banking to Information Technology, Testing and Oil & Gas. As a result, over the past 18 years, we have developed a REALTIME database of first-hand Knowledge and Experience that has enabled us to improve our insights.

  • How different client coverage models work.
  • How a company can identify the types of client relationships that will deliver the most attractive revenue and profit outcomes for its own business. Not for some theoretical construct.
  • How clients evaluate the coverage they receive from firms in a variety of Service Industries.
  • How companies succeed at developing strategies that innovate and expand the customer wallet
  • How a company can identify the profile of a successful relationship manager in its own business. Not in theory.
  • How a company should go about developing and training its relationship managers.
  • How successful relationship managers actually develop effective account plans. Effective, that is, at generating revenue and margin growth, not at "filling pages" and "showing how much we know."
  • How a company can help its client-facing-staff have access to differentiating ideas and insights for a client coverage plan. That is, how a company can bring the weight of its accumulated knowledge and experience to bear on each, individual client relationship. We call this "Turning Best Practice into Common Practice."
  • How a company can develop a scalable client coverage process that efficiently delivers high quality coverage across verticals and geographies.

We have gathered some of the fruits of our work and the insights we have gathered into a series of articles and documents. They are not intended to be viewed as comprehensive, but rather as indicative of the kind of experience we bring to bear on our own client relationships. We are pleased to share them with you here in three broad categories:

A. The CEO's Challenge

B. Skills a Successful Client Facing Organization Must Have

C. The Manager's Handbook

We invite your Comment and Feedback.