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Download 'Developing Customer Relationship Capital'Developing Customer Relationship Capital: Managing Strategic Customer Relationships as Assets
By By Dr. Peter F. Mathias, President and CEO, Mathias and Co. and Professor Noel Capon, Chairman, Marketing Division, Columbia Business School

Increasingly, the greatest source of economic value for many companies is a set of intangible assets that, typically, are not reflected on their balance sheets. Whereas for B2C companies these intangible assets are often dominated by brand value, for many B2B companies these assets are a set of relationships with a core group of powerful customers. When these relationships are well-developed and ongoing, they produce sustainable returns to shareholders.

Our continuing research at the Columbia Business School Center for Strategic Customer Management is designed to explore the issue of customer relationship capital (CRC). We believe that CRC is the primary source of economic value for many B2B companies.

This article discusses the six core decision areas that can help companies transform their mindsets into becoming more customer-relationship focused.

read full article (PDF) Download 'Developing Customer Relationship Capital'