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Download 'Managing Global Client Relationships at Deutsche Bank'Managing Global Client Relationships at Deutsche Bank: Management Discipline, Process and Technology
By Peter F. Mathias, President and CEO, Mathias and Co. and Juergen Fitschen, Division Board Member and Head, Global Banking Division, Deutsche Bank

The Deutsche Bank is Europe’s largest Bank with over Euro 1 trillion of assets. Over the past five years, the Global Corporate and Institutional (GCI) Division of Deutsche Bank has established itself as one of the world’s premier wholesale banks, successfully combining a powerful commercial bank with world class investment banking products.

In recent years, GCI has accounted for over 50% of the economic profits of Deutsche Bank. GCI serves over 700 MNC’s (multi-national corporations) and their 2,600 subsidiaries, over 450 major corporations in the emerging markets, and 600 financial institutions/sovereigns along with their 1,400 major subsidiaries.

This article examines how it has created a new paradigm in wholesale financial services – one that is uniquely suited to the consolidation of the banking industry and the increasing concentration among its global client base.

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